Welcome to the SkillOnSite

SkillOnSite is an online directory that connects freelancers to the local jobs creating one-place for the local skilled professionals. 

You can use SkillOnSite to:

  • List your business, your availability, chat and video conference with the customer & employees

  • List a job with your budget and connect with local professionals looking for work. 

SkillOnSite - How does it work? 

  • Imagine you need a web developer, essay writer, researcher,  property specialist, designer or home internet technician, etc but you cannot afford to hire a firm.

  • On the other side, there are individuals who want to work for themselves and they have top-notch expertise in their field.

  • SkillOnSite connects you with the local skilled professional creating one-place for the local skill.   


"Inspiring individuals to freelance so that,they can have flexible lifestyle" 



Why SkillOnSite?

Coronavirus: Up to 120,000 Kiwis predicted to lose jobs - economist

Kiwis in Australia face Coronavirus created unemployment with no govt help 

Better work-life balance

Work from home:


Improv productivity

There's work for each job

Making work flexible so that,

so you can take it easy ."